The pros and cons of houses, apartments, and retirement villages There’s really no feeling quite like being retired. The kids have left home… the alarm clock has been permanently turned off… and your schedule is free (or as free as you want it to be). Read more
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Discover what’s on offer when you choose retirement community living Thinking of moving to a retirement village? There are even more benefits to this lifestyle than first meets the eye. Yes, modern retirement villages are a beautiful place to live, set in lush gardens with resort-style facilities. Yet retirement villages also provide you (or your parents) a safe and secure environment, free from… Read more
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Why move from a family home into retirement living? In recent times, many seniors have taken the time to reassess their priorities. Perhaps being kept away from loved ones has brought home the need for community and to have a support network close by. It may have been a time to focus on health and wellbeing, and having the time to really enjoy those little, everyday moments. When the time comes… Read more
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Tips to help you plan the later years of your retirement Retirement villages and aged care homes are two very different animals, each with its unique qualities that suit different people, depending on your needs. There are many misconceptions surrounding both, so it’s good to be clear on the key differences as you start to plan for the next stage of your life, or for someone you care about. Read more
What to look for in a home for retirement