7 advantages of living car-free in retirement At first it might seem like a worrying thought – living in retirement without having a car available to get you around. Yet in fact, the case for going car-free in retirement is a strong one. If you’ve been driving seemingly ‘forever’, the thought of letting your car go might seem impossible. And sure, at times you might miss the convenience. But in… Read more
Here’s how to make a ‘to-do list’ you’ll really enjoy!  Once you’ve retired from working full-time, you’ll find you have a lot more time to do all those things you were going to do “one day”!  That’s why retirement is the ideal opportunity to get serious about completing your own personal ‘bucket list’ of once-in-a-lifetime activities, that you just never seemed to have time for when you were… Read more
Fun ideas to get the most out of your retirement lifestyle Now that you’ve retired from the full-time workforce, you’re no doubt enjoying a little more “me time” to help you relax, clear your head, and recharge your batteries after a long career. Read more
Get healthy – and stay healthy! – with these fun ideas While studies have shown that leaving the workforce can actually be good for you, of course it’s still very important to keep fit by getting enough gentle exercise on a regular basis. Read more
Tips to help you make the right decision for your situation  When’s the right time to move to a retirement estate? Well, one thing we’ve learned is that there are almost as many scenarios as there are retirees! Read more
Improve your memory and lifestyle in retirement  At Kensington Gardens, we firmly believe that your retirement years should be the best time of your life! And to get the most out of your retirement, it’s important to stay fit and healthy, retain your independence, and look after your mind as well. Read more
Easing some common concerns about moving If you’ve decided that ‘now’ is the right time to move into retirement living, it’s understandable if you’re experiencing some mixed emotions. Read more
7 ways to enjoy a positive and fulfilling retirement Let’s set the scene: you’ve downsized your house and you now live in a more manageable, easier-to-look after home; your kids have moved out and started happy families of their own. You’re healthy and active, and you and your partner enjoy socialising with people of your own age and outlook. Mowing the lawn is a thing of the past! And there’s a… Read more
7 things to consider when finding your ideal retirement living If you’ve decided it’s the right time to move into a retirement estate, you’ve probably done quite a bit of research. You’ll know a bit about costs; something about the different management structures available; and perhaps you’ve taken a “virtual tour” or two online. Read more
Investigating your home downsizing possibilities You drive up to the big steel gate of the retirement village, lean out, punch in the code and the gate swings open. You drive in and the gate swings securely shut behind you. You feel safe, secure, locked in, don’t you?  Read more
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