Where’s the best place to store your caravan now you’ve retired?

Investigating your options for secure van storage

Congratulations! You’ve finished your working career, you’re ready to move into a luxury retirement village, and most importantly you’ve fulfilled a life goal and purchased your own caravan.

The next challenge you face is: where is the best place to store your van? 

Of course, you could simply leave it parked on the street. But that means risking accidental damage or vandalism – as well as leaving your van exposed to the elements. 

If you have the space, you could keep your van at home. But is that the best, most secure, most sheltered place available?

If you have the money to spend, there are commercial caravan storage facilities available. Yet this arrangement means you won’t have your precious new toy close at hand, when you have a spare hour or two for essential maintenance or odd jobs.

And while caravans generally do hold their re-sale value pretty well, it’s a competitive market. A van that’s been kept out of the weather and in good condition is going to fetch more – and with caravans being worth up to $80,000 (or more!), it’s worthwhile finding the very best storage solution.

In this news post, we take a look at why secure storage for caravans is so important once you’ve retired – and investigate how Kensington Gardens’ facilities measure up. 


How secure caravan storage can preserve your investment

To keep your caravan in good condition and ensure it gives you years of future adventures, it pays to take some simple precautions when storing it.

As any caravanner knows, the two big enemies of caravans are moisture and sunlight.

As far as moisture goes, it doesn’t even need to be heavy rain. The repeated cycle of exposure to dew, night after night, can cause tremendous damage to your caravan. It’s amazing how much water can enter from the merest small gap that forms as rubber or plastic seals deteriorate over time.

And speaking of fittings deteriorating, perhaps the number one enemy is exposure to Australia’s plentiful sunlight.

It’s heartbreaking to watch your caravan’s lights and plastic fittings gradually fade over the weeks and years. There’s no doubt that this sustained UV exposure will slowly but surely erode the value of your caravan.

All of this and we’ve not even mentioned the obvious damage that can be inflicted by hail or vandalism! It’s true that fibreglass vans are reasonably tough and can withstand some hail… but an aluminium van can easily be damaged. 

You’re almost better off hoping that hail damage is serious enough to warrant repair from your caravan insurance. If it isn’t, you’re left with the disheartening experience of your pride and joy being covered in obvious minor damage that is not bad enough to repair – but more than enough to take the gloss off your van ownership.

Fortunately, there is a solution – created by caravan lovers, for caravan lovers!

Store your caravan securely at Kensington Gardens

Both Kensington Gardens Albury and Shepparton boast secure caravan storage facilities (subject to availability). They're specially designed to preserve the appearance and value of your van. 

These aren’t just simple paddocks with a chain mesh fence – they are fully lockable purpose-built sheds with the complete suite of security features, where your van can be stored undercover and in safety.

The fully sealed bitumen floor offers a clean, tidy, and dry place to park and work on your caravan. You’re welcome to visit and carry out all those minor repairs and maintenance work that keep your van looking and operating at its best.

Each bay has access to power, so it’s easy to keep your batteries charged and your fridge running – as well as having a place to plug in your power tools within easy reach.

They’re also very safe and secure van storage, featuring security sensors and back-to-base alarms to protect your investment.

We reckon they’re just about the best all-round storage solution for caravans – and they’re exclusively for the use of our retirement estate residents (subject to availability). 

Compare your retirement living options

See our caravan storage at Kensington Gardens retirement estates

If you’re looking for the ideal place to store your caravan in retirement, you simply must have a look at Kensington Gardens.

To arrange a tour of our secure caravan storage facilities, call our friendly team or get in touch online to book a time to come in and visit us.

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