Six ways to know if you’re ready to move to a retirement village

The signs to look out for, that can help you decide

When you visit a modern retirement village, you might be surprised by the facilities you’ll find there. Far from being an “old folks’ home”, what you’ll see probably feels more like a lifestyle resort!

The people who make up a retirement community might not be quite what you expect either. More and more younger people are making the move into a retirement village in their late 50’s, looking to make the most of the amenities, the great social life, the convenience, and the flexibility that only retirement communities can offer.

They boast modern, spacious homes, large entertainment areas, libraries and workshops, and a full range of activities to keep any retiree fit and active.

It’s all about moving to a retirement village when it’s right for you

So how do you know when it’s the right time to move into a retirement village? Well, the fact is that’s a very personal decision that only you can make.

For some people it’s a drastic life change such as a health scare, the loss of a spouse, family relocating interstate, or perhaps a loss of mobility that prompts them to consider a move into a retirement village.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to wait for life to make the decision for you. You’re planning ahead, and will decide to move when you’re ready!

If that’s the case for you, you might like to think about the scenarios below. If you find them familiar, it could be a sign you’re ready to let go of the family home and move into your new retirement lifestyle.

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1) You’re tired of having to look after your home and garden

It’s one of the most common reasons people move into a simpler life in a retirement community – the amount of time they spend cleaning and maintaining a large family home, lawn and garden.

You’re meant to be enjoying your retirement years! When you move into a modern, brick veneer home, your house maintenance will be greatly reduced – which means you’ll have more time to do the things that matter more.

If you choose to, you can still potter about the garden and enjoy your time outdoors. The difference is you’ll have the choice to do as much or as little as you want.

Take it from us – when you move into retirement living and see what else is on offer, you’ll probably quickly decide to hand over the gardening gloves to someone else!

2) You’re looking forward to living near people at your stage of life

If you’re currently living in a normal suburban street, there may not be many people of your own age and stage of life in the neighbourhood. They may all have moved into a retirement community already!

So if you're beginning to feel isolated or lonely in your own neighbourhood, remember that nobody deserves (or wants) to live that way.

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Moving into a retirement community has been shown time and again to give a real boost to people’s health and social wellbeing. After all, you’re connecting with people around your age and stage of life. Even if you move in not knowing anyone at all, it won’t be long before you’ll find your group (or groups) and begin to form the strong bonds that will sustain you in the years to come.

It can also be perfect to move into a retirement community as a couple. That way, if something happens to either one of you, the other will be surrounded by supportive friends to help. 

3) You love where you live, but not so much how you’re living

If you’ve lived where you are for a long time, it’s natural that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your own home. Most retirees don’t move because they hate where they live. They’re simply looking to make a fresh start, and live a simpler, independent life, full of fresh and exciting future opportunities.

Ask anyone who’s made the decision to move from their family home to a retirement village whether they loved where they lived previously and most will say – yes!


Ask those same people how they feel now about their move into a retirement village and the most common answer you’ll hear is “It was the best decision we ever made,” and “We wish we would have made it sooner.”

4) You’re fit, healthy, and looking to stay active

There’s a misconception that retirement communities are somewhere you go once you’ve started slowing down. On the contrary! They offer you an incredible range of activities to help you stay healthy and keep – or get – fit.

Most retirement villages have walking and bike paths situated near natural bush settings. Some even have walking (or dog walking) groups to make the experience more social.

You can also take advantage of facilities such as swimming, gymnasium and organised classes such as yoga, tai chi and stretching. There’ll be no excuse to sit at home twiddling your thumbs!

5) Being honest... you realise you’re staying put because you’re just plain stubborn

If after reading this list you realise there’s no good reason to stay where you are, then perhaps you just can’t be bothered moving!

There’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Are you really happy where you are? Or are you just making do, treading water until you can no longer take care of yourself or you depart this earth altogether?

If you’ve decided it’s probably just easier to ’stick it out’ in your own home rather than go to all the bother of starting again – that’s no way to spend your life! You deserve to live a full, rich, interesting, fun life, make new friends, and be truly happy.

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6) You’re ready to find out what lies ahead in retirement!

There’s no time like the present to think about what you want from your retirement lifestyle. You may think you are invincible, and that you can continue on with life the way it is. The reality is you’re not... and it won’t.

You may be quite settled now, but what about in the future? What happens when you’re not as mobile, when your health deteriorates, and you start having to rely on others? That’s a situation that can create an enormous burden on your family and friends. 

We reckon it’s far better to make the move into a retirement village early, while you’re fit, healthy, active and able to fully enjoy life!

Like to see more of what a retirement estate can offer?

Not surprisingly, most people who don’t want to move into a retirement community are those who’ve never actually visited one... at least not one like Kensington Gardens!

Retirement living has come such a long way in recent years. Our community is built for active retirees, people who want to enjoy every moment, join in fun activities with like-minded friends, learn new skills and take off on adventures!

We invite you to come for a visit and see for yourself whether our Albury or Shepparton retirement communities are a good fit for you.

If you’re thinking of joining our community, we’d love to meet you. Secure your place at our Information Sessions by calling us at Albury on 02 6049 3100 or Shepparton on 03 5820 5100, or get in touch with the contact form here.

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