Meet the Kensington Gardens Albury New Home Co-ordinator

Design your ideal home for retirement with us

If you’re thinking of building a new home at Kensington Gardens Albury, you might be wondering how much customisation is available.

The answer is – quite a lot!

Even though you start by selecting from our range of more than 15 architect-designed homes, your choices don’t end there.

You're sure to be pleasantly surprised when you discover just how flexible we are.

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How you can change our home designs to suit yourself

Creating your dream home begins at a meeting with our Albury New Home Coordinator,Theresa Dinsdale.

Theresa is passionate about working with you to help you create your ideal new home. It’s all about providing new residents with the flexibility to make their new house into a home, Theresa says.

“When you're making your new home your own, I’ll happily provide you with my opinion and input if you wish,” Theresa says. “But after I’ve said my piece, you’ll always have the final say – of course!”

“My goal is to make sure you’re really happy with the home you move into.”

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Customise any element of your new home

From the interior and exterior colours of your home, to the floor coverings inside, you have an enormous amount of choice in your new home.

If you’d like advice and ideas about how to make your new home truly your own, you really must speak toTheresa at Kensington Gardens Albury. 

To request your meeting with Theresa, call our friendly team on 02 6049 3100 or get in touch online to book a time to come in and visit us.

What to look for in a home for retirement