How can living in a retirement village improve your lifestyle?

5 ways a dedicated community can give you a more enjoyable retirement

Your retirement years really should be the best of your life! And moving into a retirement village should be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

In fact, most of our residents who’ve made the move to Kensington Gardens will tell you they have only one regret... they should have done it sooner!

So what is it that makes people pack up, sell up and move to a retirement community? It could be summed up into five main categories. In this news post, we’ll look at each one and discover what the real attraction is to retirement living.

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1) All the adventures you’ll have in retirement

A well planned retirement village will plenty on offer to keep your calendar full. As well as the village facilities, you’ll find social activities galore, giving you plenty of opportunities to make new friends and build those friendships over time.

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And of course, you’ll have the freedom to take off on your own adventures whenever you choose. The lock-and-leave lifestyle that retirement living provides is perfect for retirees who love to travel. You can head off knowing everything will be taken care of while you’re away. 

2) All the new friends you’ll make

Of course, the beauty of retirement community living is you’re surrounded by people at the same age and stage of life as you. It simply makes it easier to relate to your neighbours, build friendships, and make wonderful memories over time.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your family home and having a wider variety of people living close by. It’s just that you might feel increasingly disconnected from them as the years go by and the age gap widens. Younger people are busy with jobs and raising their families, while you’ve put that behind you and are ready for different life adventures.

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In larger retirement communities, it’s even easier to “find your flock” – people who share your values and who enjoy the same pastimes and interests. You can still participate in the greater community through volunteer work, sports or social activities – it’s just that at the end of the day you’ll come home to people who understand; where you can fit in without having to try. It’s a great comfort to know you belong somewhere special.   

3) You'll feel great peace-of-mind

There’s something about being ‘home’ that gives you peace-of-mind. Yes, moving into a retirement community is a big decision, and it may take a little while to settle in and find your feet. Yet once you do, you’ll never look back.

Our residents say it’s a difficult feeling to describe – like starting a new chapter. They’ve raised their family successfully and now it’s time for them to start doing what they want; to really enjoy these precious years.


You might choose to put hand up for everything on offer, and fill your days with back-to-back activities. Maybe you’d prefer to spend retirement enjoying quiet days gardening, doing yoga, reading by the pool, or chatting with close friends over a game of croquet. Or perhaps you’d like to share your week out in the wider community, coming home to relax and entertain friends and family on weekends.

The common thread? Enjoying that sense of peace knowing all is well, and home is a happy and safe place to be.

4) You’ll save a lot of time living in a retirement village

You might have heard retirees say that they’ve never been so busy since they retired! Retiring doesn’t necessarily mean slowing down, but it’s important that you decide where you want to spend that time. If you’re constantly repairing or maintaining your home, mowing the yard, cleaning the pool, or clearing the leaves from the gutter it’s hard to find time for more fun activities.

Here’s the good news – retirement villages handle all those yard maintenance jobs for you. Modern retirement villages also offer low maintenance homes, so there’s very little to do. You also get to enjoy all the facilities on offer such as pool, tennis, BBQ areas, theatre and gym – and never have to clean the pool!

Imagine all the time you’ll free up knowing a maintenance team is taking care of things. It’s no wonder people say some retirement villages are like resorts!

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5) You'll enjoy a feeling of safety & security

There’s no doubt the world has changed but sadly, it’s not always for the better. We’ve all heard the stories of crime and home invasions coming to once-safe neighbourhoods where you could take an evening stroll are Living in “lock-down mode” every night is no way to spend your retirement!  

Retirement communities are among the safest places to live in Australia. On-site management, security systems and safety measures are all in place so that you can relax and enjoy that evening stroll home from the clubhouse without looking over your shoulder. People who know each other also provide the best neighbourhood watch available. If something seems out of place it will be noticed straight away thanks to caring neighbours.

Having help and support close at hand also gives retirement community residents a feeling of security. Most retirement estates have 24/7 emergency services available at the touch of a button and medical facilities close by. You’ll be secure knowing you’re never far away from the help you need.

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Retirement living has come such a long way in recent years. Kensington Gardens Albury and Shepparton were built for active retirees, people who want to enjoy every moment, join in fun activities with like-minded friends, learn new skills and take off on adventures!

We invite you to come for a visit and see for yourself whether our retirement communities are a good fit for you.

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