How to make your retirement years the best time of your life

7 ways to enjoy a positive and fulfilling retirement

Let’s set the scene: you’ve downsized your house and you now live in a more manageable, easier-to-look after home; your kids have moved out and started happy families of their own. You’re healthy and active, and you and your partner enjoy socialising with people of your own age and outlook. Mowing the lawn is a thing of the past! And there’s a wealth of amenities, hobbies and pastimes available practically on your doorstep.

When you look at it that way… why wouldn’t your retirement be fun??

At Kensington Gardens, our residents enjoy all these benefits and more now that they’ve moved into our over 50’s lifestyle estates. We sat down with some of our community and asked them for their top tips for making sure retirement is everything you’ve dreamed of.


1) Make the most out of your local community

One theme that our residents mentioned again and again was how good it felt to be part of a welcoming, like-minded community of residents.

And it makes sense. Studies show that retirees who have well-established social networks tend to be more active, happier, and feel more supported. That’s why socialising can help keep you mentally sharp and physically healthier.

At Kensington Gardens you’ll never lack for things to do and places to socialise – every day if you wish! You’ll have full access to all shared facilities, such as the Country Club, swimming pool, bar, gym, library, and more. 

2) Retire from working – not from life!

It’s important for all of us to feel valued – and that’s even more the case once we’ve finished up with full-time work; said goodbye to the kids; and moved out of the ‘family home’.

So whether it’s pursuing a treasured hobby as if it was a career; ticking off items from your “bucket list”, or travelling across our magnificent country, your retirement years are the ideal opportunity to stay busy and accomplish those things you’ve always dreamed of doing. 

And it’s not just the actual “doing” that’s of value. With the benefit of experience you’ll know that anticipating an enjoyable event can be just as fulfilling as the actual day itself.

So why not take five minutes a day and write down what you’d like to accomplish that day, that week, and that year? It can give you a huge happiness boost. 

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3) Keep yourself healthy – inside and out

With no need to devote most of your day to working (and commuting), it’s a great chance to take some “me time” and improve your health and fitness – yes, even during your retirement years!

There are many ways you can do this once you’ve retired. Spend some time honing your cooking skills, to make sure you can eat healthy. Take up yoga... join the gym... learn salsa dancing... have a regular swim... enjoy Tai Chi... or just get out and about and take a healthy regular walk.

And while you’re taking care of your body, remember to look after your mind as well.

4) Give your brain a regular workout

Retirement can be a great opportunity to learn new skills and keep your brain active and healthy.

Whether it’s learning a musical instrument... a foreign language... some new recipes... or how to paint, your brain will really benefit from being stimulated and empowered.

And of course, you don’t have to learn these new skills by yourself. By joining a group of like-minded people you can not only fuel your mind, but also benefit socially as we mentioned above.

Who knows... you could unearth a talent you’ve always had, but never had time to discover!

5) Get satisfaction from helping others

Here’s yet another reason why your retirement years need never be boring! Charities, community groups, and local organisations are always in need of help from volunteers of all ages. 

How do you decide where to volunteer? Have a think about the skills you have to offer, the type of people you’d like to spend time with, and where you’d prefer to spend your time (eg. indoors or outdoors).

And it’s not just “the usual suspects” who could do with some help. For example, you may be able to volunteer your time with a child care centre, and pass on a little of your wealth of knowledge to the younger generations.

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6) Indulge your funny bone regularly

It’s true – laughter really is the best medicine! As well as obviously bringing you happiness, laughter can give your immune system a boost and even help you look younger!

How do you ensure regular opportunities for laughter? A lot of the suggestions above will give you the chance to laugh – particularly if you’re taking part in them in a group.

You’ll have a good idea what particularly tickles your funny bone; so choose the activities that will bring on the laughs for you – whether that’s watching a comedy movie, a karaoke session, or simply enjoying the company of your friends and family.

7) Take the time to be grateful for your life

Of course, here in Australia we’re particularly blessed with a wonderful climate, incredible landscape, and a peaceful society. The footy’s great and the cricket’s even better; our beaches are the envy of the world – and our bush isn’t far behind. 

All of this means that we should all take the time to acknowledge our good fortune and be properly grateful every day. And your retirement years are the ideal time to do so.

It doesn’t have to be a big “to do”... just take five minutes before bed to think of one thing you are grateful for that day. You’ll probably find you have many to choose from!

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