Here's what it's like to live at Kensington Gardens Albury

Well I have to admit that I looked at Kensington Gardens because of my wife. She had decided that the very steep block that we lived on was not suitable for me. And she looked around and she made the decision that it was Kensington Gardens was the best place to be. 

We got our house built for us. A Paisley house, a few alterations to suit our lifestyle, for example a wine cellar, was put in there. And yeah we love the home. For a Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne person, they could sell their house in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, move into Kensington Gardens here and have half a million dollars to go and invest. That seems like a no-brainer to me.

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It’s very friendly, for example I use the previous place I lived in for twenty-six years, it took me sixteen years to even speak to a fellow two house away. Here I can go out and talk to people that I would not have done in normal suburbia, but here you seem to talk to anybody that walking along the street.

It’s just a nice lifestyle.

Yes, I’m a keen woodworker, and right from the very start I have been involved. Just over the back of us I am making a couple of tables for our bedside tables. The Monday morning meetings we have quite a lot of people who don’t actually do anything down here, but they come down for the social activity, have a cup of tea and just meet a lot of people. I love the workshop, I’m down here just about every day. It’s become really a part of my life.

I wouldn’t say it’s a decision that’s going to make you a million dollars but it’s going to make you a life. Really attractive.

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