Hear from Kensington Gardens residents about what it's like to live in our Shepparton retirement village

It was a very good decision to move here and it was a decision we both made and after we’d been here a little while we both said that we should have moved in earlier, because of the choice, the lifestyle, the friendliness of the people that were already here. And the help from management was very, very good. 

We moved into Kensington Gardens because we had visited a few times and were impressed with the homes that were being built. Also, we had retired and we decided that we really didn’t want to look after a garden any more or a big garden and also we wanted to travel, so we knew that when we were away our home was secure.

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Yes, I think that there were twelve plans at that stage, and we had a good look at the plans but we were also lucky enough to look through people’s houses of the plans that we were looking at, which you know, was really good. And it helped us choose the one that we’ve got. 

We find the value for money to be terrific. We had did our homework before we moved in and we worked out how much it cost us to live outside the village and how much it was going to cost us to come in and expenditure going out was about the same even though we don’t actually pay rates, what we do pay for is almost the same as we did outside. But there are some savings to living here as well.

Kensington Gardens is a really welcoming community. They are welcomed by the Social Club and they are made aware of all the social activities and I’ve noticed that when someone new does come, people make an effort to say oh you know, would you like to come and sit with us at the BBQ or something like that so that people don’t feel strange when they first come.

It’s a place where to get the best out of it you have to join in, and the facilities for people to join in are excellent. There is everything that you would really want, you know there is dancing there’s music, there’s the swimming pool, there’s the gymnasium and there’s sporting facilities such as there is a couple of small golf driving bits. There’s the la cross, there’s table tennis,  so there’s all sorts of  things like that, that help make this place what it is.

There is also a really great vegetable and fruit area, gardening area where you can have your own little plot to grow your own fruit and vegetables if you want to. A lock up shed for the caravan which also has power so you can keep your batteries running and also your fridge if you want to run your fridge if you’re not using your van. Also we have a wash bay for caravans and there is a walkway as well where you can get up to the top and wash the roof of your caravan without having to wander around with a set of step ladders plus there is hoses and everything there as well.  The facilities for caravan owners is very good.

We feel that people who live here are very proud of living here and we always say to each other how lucky we are to live here. And the fact that there was no fences, so you  didn’t have to worry about that and after we’d done our research and we realised that there was not gardening to be done and it really was not a hard choice to make.

Kensington Gardens really enhances your lifestyle, it’s really good value for money and the activities and the lifestyle you get when you are here is fantastic.

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