Can you enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle without owning a car?

7 advantages of living car-free in retirement

At first it might seem like a worrying thought – living in retirement without having a car available to get you around. Yet in fact, the case for going car-free in retirement is a strong one.

If you’ve been driving seemingly ‘forever’, the thought of letting your car go might seem impossible. And sure, at times you might miss the convenience. But in retirement, owning a car is far from being a necessity.

In this news post, the Kensington Gardens team look at all the ways living car-free could actually improve your retirement lifestyle.

1) You’ll get yourself moving – and get fit

When you don’t have the option of jumping into the car every time you need to travel a short way, you’ll simply have to get your body moving more often!

Walking is still one of the best forms of exercise. You’re sure to feel the benefit to your overall health and wellbeing after just a few weeks of giving the car away. Once you build up your fitness level you might find you want to pop out for a stroll every day.

You can even team up with a walking buddy or two to make the trip more safe and enjoyable.

Walking is perfect for short errands to the local shops – for example, Thurgoona Shopping Centre is within easy walking distance of Kensington Gardens Albury. And what’s more, it’s free!

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2) Public transport is cheaper than you might think

If you haven’t used public transport lately, give it a go! Trains, buses and ferries offer a regular (and mostly reliable) service that’s far less stressful than negotiating traffic yourself. Both Kensington Gardens Shepparton and Albury are close to bus stops, and of course, if you’re a Seniors Card holder you’ll enjoy discounted fares too.

And if you think you can’t afford to pay for public transport or a cab, think again. Operating an average sized sedan costs around $10,000 every year, once you’ve paid for rego, insurance, services and fuel. That amount of money pays for a lot of Uber trips!

3) You’ll have more space to use in your home

Once you’ve moved the big gas guzzler out of your garage, just imagine what you could do with the space where it used to live!

Now that you’ve retired, you’ll have plenty of time to pursue the hobbies you never had time for. So why not use your garage to create a craft room, have a place for tinkering with your tools, or make a rumpus room for the grandkids? Any of these options could improve your retirement lifestyle so much you’ll never miss having a car.

4) Home delivery is more accessible than ever

More and more retail stores today have adapted their business to offer home delivery. You can order online or over the phone, and in many cases receive your goods the same day. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of having your groceries delivered to your door, you’ll never want to waste time going up and down the aisles again!

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5) You can always ask for a lift

When you’re living in a retirement community, you’ll never be short of an opportunity to make friends. So why not plan ahead and see if you can go with your neighbours for a trip into town, or to do the shopping? Many people will be glad of the company!

You can also make a contribution towards their petrol, knowing that it will work out much cheaper than running your own car.

6) You never forget how to ride a bike

Many areas near retirement estates boast a safe network of bike paths. And it’s true what they say – you never forget how to ride.

Once you’ve bought a bicycle, there are very little running costs to worry about. And once you’re used to being in the saddle again, your body will thank you for the aerobic workout, the fresh air and sunshine – and you’ll pick up some muscle tone to boot!

7) You can stay home and let people visit you!

Living independently doesn’t mean you always have to do everything yourself. When you were younger and more active, you probably drove all over the place without a second thought. But now that you’re retired, why not invite your family and friends to come to you?

You can even ask them to pick up a few things on the way, or take you to do some errands while they’re visiting.

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