Can you work while living in a retirement estate?

Here’s how you can work and enjoy your new lifestyle too! 

When the time comes to start thinking ahead to your ideal retirement lifestyle, you might find you’re not quite ready to completely give away work. You might like to ramp up your leisure time while you still continue to pass on the benefit of your experience, mentor colleagues, grow your business, or even start a new one.

If that’s the case, you might be wondering whether you can living in a retirement estate while you’re still working. The answer is yes you can!

While NSW and Victorian retirement village legislation stipulates that as an incoming resident, you must be at least 50 years of age, you don’t have to be retired to live at Kensington Gardens Albury or Shepparton. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few residents still working either full-time or part-time while they enjoy the brilliant retirement estate lifestyle.

Here are a few of the benefits of living at Kensington Gardens if you don’t plan to stop working any time soon.

1) Live in a home that’s perfect for both work and play

Retirement estate living comes in all sizes. If you’re intending to work from home (most villages will need to give you consent first), make sure the available home designs have enough space to comfortably accommodate a home office.

What makes a good house for retirement living? 

Look for a retirement estate that offers you a choice of home designs, so you can select the one that’s perfect for your needs. And the great part is, with retirement estate living comes so much more than just a place to call home.

2) Spend less time maintaining your yard & lawn

Just imagine how much time you’d have available for work, if you didn’t have to maintain your yard or mow the lawn! Many retirement estates look after these areas for you, as well as taking care of the cleaning and upkeep of shared spaces.

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3) Stay healthier for longer, whether you're working or not

As you get (a little bit!) older, it’s reassuring to know you’re living close to high quality health services. Check that the retirement estate you’re considering is within easy reach of GPs and allied health practitioners such as podiatrists, physiotherapists, or massage therapists.

You might also like to think about other health service providers such as a dentist or optometrist – and don’t forget to look for a vet close by for the “office pup”!

4) Have a range of eateries and shops close by

By choosing to live in a retirement estate that’s conveniently located near a shopping centre, you’ll find it easy to save time by picking up your groceries on your way home from work. If it’s within easy walking distance, that’s even better!

Add in a range of eateries, a pub or a club, and you’ll have a handy spot to meet with clients, work associates – oh and friends of course!

5) Feel safe and secure in your own home

Whether you’re at the estate Country Club or out at work, it’s so important to know that your home is protected and you’re personally safe. Living in a secure retirement estate will give you peace-of-mind 24/7, whatever you’re up to. 

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6) Access a wide range of leisure activities

You might be amazed by the array of daily activities and facilities on offer to resident at today’s retirement estates. It really is like living in a resort! That’s a great thing when you’re still working – it makes relaxing after work that much easier. 

Many of today’s retirement estates boast an on-site pool, spa, and gym – not to mention croquet, yoga, and billiards. You’ll find there’s often an array of night time entertainment to enjoy over a meal and drinks with friends too.

Who knows, with so much to do on your doorstep, you might change your mind and give up working after all!

7) Enjoy a little peace and quiet!

Of course, relaxing after work doesn’t have to mean doing something active. Sometimes it’s good to know you can come home from work and simply relax.

To help you do so, look for a retirement estate in an environment you love – whether that’s near the ocean, in the bush, or by a lake for instance. In the right setting you’ll find it much easier to unwind after work with a gentle evening stroll, a ride on the bikeways, or just spending time in a secluded natural spot.

8) Live in a community that truly cares

Whether you’re working, semi-retired, or deservedly “putting your feet up”, one thing you’re sure to find in retirement estate living is a wonderful feeling of community.

When everyone around you is at a similar age and stage of life, and either retired or heading that way, you're sure to find the common ground to build meaningful friendships on. Estate residents tend to look out for one another and actively work towards the success of the estate. It’s the ideal way to create the right mindset for doing your best work.

What makes a good house for retirement living?

Find out how you can work and enjoy the lifestyle at Kensington Gardens

Today’s retirement estates are no longer just a stage before moving into a nursing home. Far from it! In fact, you might notice an improvement in your health and wellbeing once you move in.

Kensington Gardens Albury and Shepparton offer the perfect lifestyle for over 50’s who want to keep working – as well as those who are enjoying their retirement!

You’ve worked (or are working) hard, and now it’s time to enjoy some of the pleasures of retirement living in a resort-style estate such as Kensington Gardens.

We invite you to come and see our estates for yourself. To arrange your personal tour, call Kensington Gardens today or to book a time to come in and visit us.

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