Arts and crafts at Kensington Gardens retirement estates

How our residents enjoy their hobbies

If you’re a keen arts or crafts enthusiast, it’s understandable if you’re looking for a retirement living option that lets you practice and enjoy your passion. That’s just what you’ll find at Kensington Gardens!

Our residents enjoy a wide range of different arts & craft activities at both our Albury and Shepparton estates. They’re not only a very enjoyable path to relaxation and a sense of achievement, they’re a great way to get to know like-minded members of the Kensington Gardens community.

We sat down with Trish McLean of Kensington Gardens Albury to talk about how our residents indulge their creative side at our luxury retirement estates.   


A wide range of arts and crafts available for retirees

Whatever pastime is your passion, chances are there’s a Kensington Gardens resident who enjoys it too. Some of the many different arts & craft activities that our residents pursue include knitting, crochet, painting, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, and much more. 

Everyone is free to pursue their own particular passion. “We all bring our own tools and materials to our sessions,” Trish said. “Everyone likes to do their own thing, and that’s certainly encouraged.”

As soon as you move into Kensington Gardens, there’s little chance you’ll be left out of the loop with arts and crafts.

“Whenever anybody new moves in, ‘do you do crafts?’ is one of the first things we ask them,” Trish says. “We welcome new members to the group.”

The ladies come together regularly, usually on a Monday or Tuesday from about 10. Some crafts aficionados work until lunchtime, while others put in a solid day’s work and go home at around 4pm.

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A great way to meet new friends at Kensington Gardens

Though there’s a wide range of activities, one thing everyone agrees on is the benefit of the social side of hobbies at the Estates. Participating in arts and crafts in a group setting is a great way to make new friends and feel ‘at home’ at Kensington Gardens.

The relaxed and supportive setting helps our new community members form meaningful connections and expand their social network.

And of course, the Kensington Gardens hobbies room is definitely a female-dominated environment.   

“It’s a ‘girls only club’ in the arts and crafts room,” laughs Trish. “We all enjoy catching up with each other and sharing the latest community news.”

Yet our male residents certainly aren’t left out. They enjoy their own activities at the resident workshop, community garden, and on the adjoining golf course (at our Albury Estate). 

And it’s not just Kensington Gardens’ residents who benefit from regular arts and crafts sessions. 

“The ladies enjoy using their skills to make things for others,” Trish said. “For example, a local hospital were looking for people to knit baby jackets for the newborns, and we were able to help.”

“It’s very rewarding – we love the feeling of helping somebody,” she said.

Find out more about arts and crafts at Kensington Gardens retirement estates

Whatever arts and crafts you’re passionate about, chances are there are people in our community who enjoy them too. 

If you’d like to know more about the regular sessions, call our friendly team or get in touch online to book a time to come in and visit us.

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