Hear from Kensington Gardens residents about what it's like to live in our retirement villages

The homes here, when we came here and discovered the types of homes that you could get, what you could do with them, we were just overwhelmed.

The choice: we had about fifteen basic plans to choose from, and then you can alter those, and you can find a block that suits you, which we were able to. You can alter those to suit your needs. But we found a home that was very similar to the home we previously had so we didn’t need to alter it all really.

We are very fortunate, and that’s another reason why we sort of looked at it. As you are getting on you don’t want to be mowing big gardens and big grounds to look after and here part of the contract is that we have a team of gardeners that look after most of the garden. We have our own front gardens, of which Pam looks after.

Yes, we can put our own plants in, what we like and we found that Kensington Gardens offered us a new lifestyle. We needed something to uplift us and we came over here to have new adventures and we found Albury just fantastic. It’s got hospitals, trains, airport and dum we loved it the minute we walked through the entrance way there and it was just perfect for us. We found the community just perfect didn’t we?

Very welcoming.

Lovely neighbours. Absolutely, yeah very, very welcoming the community, takes an hour to go to the mailbox.

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Everybody is very friendly and everybody is wanting to look after you sort of and yes, just very pleasant isn’t it?

And it’s uplifting having someone smile at you and say hello to you in the morning.


We’ve done the walks in Beechworth, Yakandanda and we’ve travelled up to Wagga and we’ve travelled to Canberra from here as well and it’s a little bit different for us as we’ve moved. It’s a new area to us. We’ve moved to a new lifestyle and a new area. 

New adventure. 

We’ve got things we’re interested in, bush walking and exploring and different things we’re very keen to do these things in this north eastern Victorian, south eastern New South Wales region, before we get too old to do that. And then come back into the village lifestyle. 

We’ve always got the village lifestyle to fall back on. We try to attend as many functions as we can and different things around our lifestyle that we are always trying to live on the outside. 

We’ve found it perfect as we are always trying to go and do other things. It’s given us a new lease on life actually. And talking to other people in here, they all say that you feel much younger if we live in something like this. 

I’d suggest that sixty years of age is an excellent age to come into something like this. We ahh, have been retired a few years and had we realised what was on offer and what was available to us we probably would have looked to come in here a lot sooner than what we did. 

We looked at a lot of villages and of all of the ones we looked at, this is probably the most economical and with the easiest ongoing fees.

I don’t think that you could do better than what there is here in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland.

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