"I should live so long!"

Before coming to live in Kensington Gardens Estate Albury, Bev and Norm Lee spent nearly 3 years travelling through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria looking through a huge number of over 50s Lifestyle Villages.

Every time they asked when the the pool and Clubhouse facilities would be built, they were told the project was “locked in” for Stage 3, 4, 5 - or later!

Consistently, cheery Bev would tell the slick suited high-pressure sales teams, ”I should live so long” when advised the proposed dusty centrepiece of the estate was always “nearly the next cab off the rank.”

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“It was a no brainer when the Kensington Gardens Albury Manager, Tony Lieschke, showed us around," said Bev. “We just stopped in our tracks and said… 'Where do we sign?!'”

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